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Paris 75020, France


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On this Commission page that looks like a blog, we record our experiences so you can get a sense of how we live and what we do.

This is a response, but it's not our response. If you take the time to write us, we'll do the same back.

As Moontown has been making a push for visibility, it's the invisible city that defines the work that we do. 

For many of our private clients we explain that we use an intuitive walking style we call Streetrunning which we have been developing into a substantial methodo...

One of my best friends in the world came to Paris to support Moontown and I made a crib sheet of what we could do. He was all in. I booked the hottest joints in town and mixed the itinerary with everything that would bring us closer in the short week.

The only thing you truly find is the thing you're not looking for. Apply that to your travel plans and choose your guide accordingly.

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