Eko Sato Gallery

Fred Le Chevalier signs books while gallery-goers chat and peruse his work.

Fred le Chevalier became a big deal after persistently wheat pasting his cutouts in east Paris, in particular the 20eme. It didn't seem like great work, but Le Bon Marche tapped into it using the artist to create a branding for its local Paris campaign.

"The art world seems to want to profit from streetart's success. Eko Sato is part of that world, though they also seemed different."

"Street art must move. Il faut bouger.”

"We’re talking about its publicity. Debraux and Madame Eto Sako—are they making the art world?"

"The goal would be for that work to sell out on the night of the opening at 850-1200 a canvas. People buy the little books instead."

The art, according to another artist, female, foreign, talkative, and possibly at the start of her career, is about how Fred's being honest about himself with his characters.

"He converted it to something more like showing his fears. They took him because his windows will increase their sales—or bring people through the door. I need to earn my living by spreading my personality through art. I’m here appreciating, not putting my money on it. Art shouldn’t be selling. I do my shit and I want it to be my job. I could be giving blowjobs for money—that can be another approach....No, I just want to be with the person I love."

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