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"Patrick Modiano's book Dora Bruder is a compelling blend of fiction and historical investigation. The narrative centers on Modiano's quest to uncover the life of Dora Bruder, a Jewish teenager who went missing in Paris during the Nazi occupation in World War II. The story begins with Modiano discovering an old newspaper notice from 1941 about Dora's disappearance. Intrigued by this brief mention, he embarks on a meticulous journey to piece together her life and the circumstances leading up to her disappearance.


The book delves into themes of memory, loss, and the passage of time, as Modiano traces Dora's steps through war-torn Paris, exploring the impact of the Holocaust on individual lives. Through archival research, personal reflections, and narrative reconstruction, Modiano sheds light on Dora's experiences and those of her family, while also contemplating the broader implications of history and memory."


Join us Sunday, June 23 @6PM Paris (12PM ET, 9AM PT). Duration: 1h. 


All purchases require confirmation. Shortly after purchasing you will receive confirmation with details of the walk, including all login information.

JUNE 2024 Virtual Walk: Patrick Modiano's Dora Bruder

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