All of my life I have struggled to come to a conclusion about things which require calculated risk. The issue is that I try to calculate everything. Consider that this is why I love traveling the way that share with Moontown. There is no way way to predict the idiosyncrasies present in any walk so either you are the kind of person who minds their own business and shuts the world out as you pursue your own interests, or you are interested in soaking in what you experience. In Paris you prepare for what you want to see and shelter in the unvarying truth that the unpredictable element will overtake you. It's not usually people, like it is in the rest of the world - the Parisians really are full of stress and neither the pace or tradition involves strangers - but it is the ballet of sidewalk life. Nobody can take that away from you but yourself. If you choose the wrong streets. Thankfully these choices are less rational calculation than group sport. You can always make up for a bad choice. If you have days and months.


I overthought the name I would use to pursue sharing my methods for travel. I overthought the product, the delivery, the communication, the promotion, the packaging. In short, I overthink. This is some part genetic, but mostly a learned behavior. I was a book smart child with an inability to focus with a lot of noise around me so I would often put off what it was that I needed to do in the classroom until I got home. Magnify that by real world issues. All of us are dealing with pathologies. It's the way which we are able to cope that defines us. Even if I like a controlled environment with consistency - call that democracy - I am at ease in a pace which is constantly shifting and anarchic. Chaos doesn't derail me because I am able to keep a vision in my head and support it with repeated sound and movement. It's a bit of ballet that we all do when we coexist.


Today I went to the Louvre to read Bruce Chatwin's first book, Patagonia. The experience started to get me down. It's very well written from the start –and all the visitors snapping their shots of Athena were walking the way that people who spend too long in museums walk. It's okay not to see everything. It's okay not to have the best first draft. There are certain sensibilities, however, that cannot be replicated just because you envy them. Voice is what comes naturally in your logic patterns. I can remember how I started writing this and how it's going; and though I should edit, I won't so that this will be an example of my voice and an internal contradiction with the title of this post (and I won't advertise the post). We are a bundle of contradictions so there's no use in trying to meet everyone's interest. But you have to start by removing the barriers to entry. I didn't want to call this company Streetrunner. It's something that doesn't make sense to anyone. But we do have a strictly hush-hush budding organization which bears the same name. If I have my way I will make that the story. Instead of thinking A to Z right now - which requires overthinking - I'll just stick with A to B.


See you out in the city some day soon. 

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