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When it comes to travel you can expect some things, but the human map is unpredictable. Seeking stories as a subplot to your adventures is something that will come naturally. We anticipate places that we have never been and even the ones where we have been. Those of us who have been around the world and travel as a way of life may have figured how to continue to keep it fresh. Others, especially those who make their living out of churning these tales from the road, probably ruin their chances at ever seeing the world without having expectations.


I crafted Moontown as part of an umbrella organization that develops opportunities for working creatives to research, incubate and cultivate ideas. We believe that once you have the vocabulary for a thing it can begin to come into existence. That’s a deep thought for a rainy Tuesday. Let’s keep it simple and just reverse the logic: if you already have the vocabulary for something then it already exists for you. If you anticipate the stories you’re going to take home with you then you behave in such a way that you make stories. On your travels you may come across one of those people who has a way of talking the most banal shit like they invented the boulevards and the croissant in their hand. Do you really want to be around that person? Yes, you found it, Sir Bragsalot, but it was already there like the freakin’ landmass known as North America before European exploration.


The only thing you truly find is the thing you’re not looking for.


If seeking stories is the main plot of your adventure then in some ways the stories are already told. Try to hit the streets and take a walk with little expectation, your stories will grow bigger than fiction. If not, you’ve always got fiction.

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