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Gil Soltz is aN experienced writer, leader, and traveler.



Born and raised in Southern California, Gil double-majored in Politics and English at Brandeis University and did Teach For America in New Orleans before earning an Master of Public Administration from NYU's School of Public Service in 2001 and traveling around the world for most of that year to meet the people he hoped to one day represent. In 2003 he moved to San Francisco to write fiction and live his dream while sticking to the a long-term plan of pursuing public office. Some years later he completed a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, produced his first book, and married a Parisienne. He has been based in Paris since 2010 and divorced since 2018, the same year he took all his background from guiding for a big company and began developing and presenting walks for his own Moontown, Context Travel, and a few A-List travel advisors, while raising his six year-old boy and working on more fiction. In his spare time he manages the Yefe Nof Residency for writers, researchers, and designers that he founded outside of Los Angeles in tribute to his father. He enjoys reading, cooking, cocktails, movies, music, dancing, beer and coffee tasting, love, laughter, sport, biking, friendship, cultural exchange, ISHTA yoga, fatherhood, The Smiths, lists, daydreaming, challenges, and most things new and unfamiliar. 

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