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Starting outside the line 12 metro stop Saint Georges (because everybody else will be at the Moulin Rouge) we will explore the transition from working-class suburb to the storied stomping grounds of what are now some of the world’s most known artists. After a pass through the trendy South of Pigalle neighborhood, we adventure in the inclined streets seeking the high life until we get to Sacre Coeur. On the way down the hill we visit the West African neighborhood, Chateau Rouge, and the North African La Goutte D’or - a tremendous cultural hub for such a dense area - before we cross the tracks of the North and East train stations and devour the happening at and around the Cent-Quatre (including Streetart, 164 rue D’Aubervilliers) ending there or at the Canal d’Ourq.
Spring 2016
DISTRICTS: 9, 18, 19
INTENSITY: moderate
DISTANCE: go deep


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