Classic sites are the bread and butter of all commercial tourism in Paris. You might want to see what most of us come to Paris to find, but trust us, if you have a choice, you don’t want it at high volume. The “big stuff” in Paris is unexpectedly apart from the pulse of the city, so on this walk, instead of looking and listening, we connect highlights on different frequencies. We meet at the Wall of Peace (opposite the Eiffel Tower) and introduce you to one of four original Moontown games. Part roleplaying, part classic, all adjustable based on you and the weather, the games require some participation but won't compromise you in front of your people. We include ample time for a modest refueling picked up en route.


10am Tuesdays — July 2017
DISTRICTS: 1, 2, 4, 7
INTENSITY: moderate
DISTANCE: a stretch


23 rue Boyer

Paris 75020, France


siret: 83456051800013

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