We begin in the 5th arrondissement outside line 10 metro stop Cardinal Lemoine (exit 3) near the workplaces of Joyce and Hemingway adding new depth to the Latin Quarter with some zest for the written word. As we move towards the Luxembourg Gardens we develop the story of how Hemingway meets Fitzgerald, Pound, and Stein and produces his first books, In Our Time and The Sun Also Rises. The true test of a quality experience on the Left Bank is measured by how one moves from the 5th to the 6th arrondissements. The Pantheon, Sorbonne, Senate, and National Theater feature as subtext as we continue into St. Germain where many lives of letters and fashion have borne out their merit and still live today. Before we end near the Seine we will see a tremendous concentration of beautiful boutiques, handsome galleries, and the thrilling ballet of sidewalk life. 
       the mEeTing  POInt


 Virtual by Request
DISTRICTS: 5, 6, 14
INTENSITY: moderate
DISTANCE: a stretch


23 rue Boyer

Paris 75020, France


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