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                                                                                 IN PERSON by appointment                                                                                               MADE TO ORDER 24/7

ALL of the Depth of Expertise Without the Dull Parts.

My name is Gil. I'm not the classic Jewish American writer who up and moves to Paris for the experience. Ten years ago I came to build a life. And that's what I want to share with you. I started this walking business to help me and others like me stay creative. We offer excellent alternative tours to show you Paris in a very real way. Nothing packaged. The story unfolds.











An alternative tour is for people who don't typically take tours.

We don't take tours because robotic speeches give us anxiety and being straightjacketed by scripts is painful. But we love sharing what we find – so we developed a method that gets our patrons excited and lost and restores a sense of discovery to even the most visited places on earth. Our promise to you is that you won't have to listen to the standard culled content provided by most tour companies and we won't make generic small talk and expect courtesy laughs. 




Specific tours by

district &


Moontown Walks are designed for curious first-timers who want more personal and intimate entry in Paris, and for seasoned travelers and professionals eager to connect on equal footing with the Parisians. We crafted this selection to highlight our unconventional method that emphasizes interaction over touch points.

All in person walks are offered for a maximum of six people. All requests are subject to availability and must be confirmed.





The global pandemic changed the way we moved, so we made some new moves. We have been making virtual travel intelligent, original, and edgy via DJI Osmo Mobile 3 and Zoom since 2020. Invest less energy and a fraction of the time. We do many walks online - private, corporate, or group.

Here are our scheduled monthly walks:
June 2024: 

These walks are available on the date and times provided. 

23 - Patrick Modiano's Dora Bruder @6pm Paris (12pm ET, 9am PT) Duration: 1h

*28 - Violence in France @6am Paris (12am ET, *@9pm PT on June 27) Duration: 1h

Purchases and Subscriptions available in our SHOP

Virtual has many advantages. It can accommodate big groups and still be very private. It is an ethical response to climate change, reasonable for those with mobility issues, and better than waiting for the green light to go out into the world.
Please contact us for pricing and availability or Book Now. See all the options in our Virtual Catalogue.

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Virtual Tours
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HIgh praise for moontown walks

“I live in a touristic city in the U.S. and really dislike the traditional touristy sites when I travel. I want to get into real neighborhoods and experience the place like a local. Gil offered that experience and much more. Our day with him was my favorite in Paris, and sincerely hope we'll be back one day for more."

JImmy B.

Gil is a delightful, charming young man who definitiely knows and loves his City of Paris - He can show you many spots you would NEVER see on your own - and he has insights and history at his fingertips which makes any walk with him not only entertaining but insightful. We ALL enjoyed our times with Gil- from age 14 to 78 yrs young - we ALL had a great experience.

Penny Whiting

My family took a historical tour with Gil. The 3 hours flew by! How would I describe Gil? Smart, funny, warm and totally genuine. He is so prepared, and puts everything into historical context, and illustrates with a sense of place via walking and metro. We learned, and we laughed. He even gave us a dinner referral that was our best meal in Paris. What’s better than that? Highly recommended.

Irwin L.

Quai de la Seine

How we walk


We use intuitive improvisation



You can always figure out where to go and how to get there and miss the connection to people and places. For the most return out of your travel, it's not about knowing the technical and practical, it's about a legitimate interaction with the life of a city. Street names, statistics, and dates are nice and all but we expect you want to remember the experience. 



We open doors



Discovering a city is about translating the local life, so we aim for incidental interaction that can lead to true discovery. Our alternative tours are all works-in-progress. Each turn in a road is a hypothetical, every door represents a potential action. There are expected highlights, but the pleasure is in planning, not programming.


We flip the script on the scripted city



The promise of 'local', 'behind the scenes', and 'off the beaten path' isn't enough to penetrate the myth and fantasy of a city. You are the only force that can do that. You are the cast in this performance and the monuments and streets are the stage for our mutual admiration. We use dialogue to get you to feel quickly and speak plainly. You'll find out what you really like about Paris.


Our job is staying creative. This is how we do it. We have suggested rates, but you can name your price.


Contact us for details.

Terms & Conditions




limitation of liability



Among the main attractions in Paris, Moontown is CoMMitted to addING intelligeNce, STYLe, and Bold substance to your Itinerary.

What's with the name? One night in Barbados we took a walk up a lush coastal road and just before it inclined we saw this sign framed by a string of lights: "Welcome to Moontown." I instantly loved the name, but it was more in the way this golden-voiced Glaswegian said it when we met him and he brought us into the life of his adopted home. You knew when he said "Moontown" that the place lives everywhere inside you and all around.

The options above represent only a fraction of our imagination and admiration for the City of Paris.


Contact us for additional options. 




Food + Drink

Chocolate + Pastries

Père Lachaise Cemetery

Eiffel Tower


MarchÉ Saint Ouen 


Kid + Teen-centric walks

The Louvre

Sporting events

The Three Musketeers

Contemporary Paris

Love in the Streets

Additional options
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