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When we speak about Art and Architecture we are usually in a classroom or at some special event having our heads spun with knowledge. Here the idea is to meet by the carousel outside line 1/11 metro stop Hôtel de Ville and  discover what is happening right now in some of Paris' edgiest streets and galleries. From the historically preserved Marais district, where we will find the work of known artists and smaller upstarts, to the once industrial canal area, we familiarize you with the world of graffiti, paste-up, murals, tile-work, stencil, and performance art. When the development of our built environments precedes us by a century, but we also want to live in a world we thought up, we leave a part of us in the streets. 


10am Thursdays — July 2017
DISTRICTS: 3, 4, 10
INTENSITY: moderate
DISTANCE: a stretch


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