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MAX = 6





Ongoing Research

We don't think you remember facts and figures. You remember the experience. Our intense fieldwork and extensive study are reference points for what's what—the hot, historical, hidden—but a legitimate interaction with the life of a city requires unique  connection to people and places. When we say "ongoing" we mean we are exploring with you.

Intuitive Improvisation

If you want the travel ideal it won't happen by checking off bucket lists. Discovering a city with us is about incidental interaction. Each turn in a road is an entertainment. We know the technical and practical—the streets, the neighborhoods, the services, the spots—so while we walk we make some assessment of where to go and how to get there for the most return out of the moment.

Work in Process

Most people haven’t got the time to invent themselves or to make life a work of art. When we travel we are the sum of our choices and you are party to the story being performed. The biannual production of an interactive project makes all visitors equal participants in the creation and execution of the walk. This spring we'll collbaborate on Jeunesse Locale, or Local Youth.

Every Walk

is a Salon

Adventurous people create a vocabulary. They connect with story to break through the surface experience and they develop substance for fulfillment. We are both sure that we do not know everything, and that as interesting as we are, our visitors provide the context for dialogue that undoes the spread of uniformity and enriches our lives in general.

23 rue Boyer

Paris 75020, France

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