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Blog Reboot 2022

A friend in media recently took a closer look at my website and then he wrote me a letter and said, "You have to be active on the blog." Otherwise it seems like I am not doing it anymore, don't have anything to say, or am lazy. "Put it to rest or start posting," he said. Use it or lose it.

I thought about that final phrase. It was in my own words. Words that you and I have heard before. Usually in the context of our muscles. I thought, I'm losing those, too.

The year 2021 produced one entry - barely - and the year before only two, so can I truly write a daily piece, let alone a weekly piece? What is stopping me? Imperfection or hypocrisy? I admit, I don't actually read anyone else's blogs - well thought out or not. But what about all those recipes I get off blogs? Those are really helpful. For example, I look up "best Mongolian dishes," and I find a blog that consolidates recipes. I write down the ingredients I need, then I copy and paste the links until the day that I cook the dish.


Maybe I should use this blog like a recipe for travel. Maybe the ingredients should be more than just Paris. And the entries should be short.

A new day has dawned. See you all again in 2023.

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