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Streetrunning 20 of 20 Paris Districts

Happy New Year! I'm a fan of lists. I'm fond of going deep. I have goals like most of you. Moontown's partner/patrons include people from all over the world and over 30 U.S. states. We have in common that we are good walkers. What is rare about us is that we want to connect everything to bring new depth of understanding to a place and its mythic denizens. I do many histories, thematic narratives, and culture walks. Rarely does anyone ask me to do a version of the marathon required to put all of Paris together in one day. It is an epic day of Streetrunning. This past summer we got close.

Streetrunning originated in Boston and New Orleans and is a misleading conjunction of, “streets” and “running,” meaning we don’t run at all. The discipline is about walking into the life of a city, experiencing it beyond the restraints of access.

Join me on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 as we inaugurate a new Paris tradition: Access 20/20. The best of what our Streetrunner system has to offer. Make it to the end or forfeit your €1000 entry fee. For all inquiries contact, info [at] moontowntravel [dot com].

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